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    Sony MHS-FS3 3D Bloggie Video Camera

    Sony MHSFS3 3D Bloggie Video Camera
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    Sony MHS-FS3 3D Bloggie Video Camera, features:
    "Capture high-definition 2D or 3D videos with the MHS-FS3 3D Bloggie HD camera. You an view your 3D videos directly on the 2.4-inch LCD screen—no special glasses required. Or watch the 3D fun with others by connecting your Bloggie camera directly to any compatible 3D HDTV.3 Watch all 3D video in 2D as well.
    3D video and still image recording capability

    The Bloggie 3D comes with dual lenses for recording high-definition 3D video and still images. Playback your 3D content via a 3D capable HDMI cable (sold separately) and compatible 3D HDTV right from your camera. 3D viewing directly on 2.4" LCD, no need for 3D glasses
    The LCD is also 3D ready, enabling you to view your 3D content directly on the camera’s LCD without the need for 3D glasses.
    1920x1080p MP4 HD video w/5MP still images
    The Bloggie 3D camera lets you record your favorite moments in High Definition MP4 (H.264) format and features a 5MP CMOS sensor that lets you take crisp 5MP still images (2D) and 2MP 3D still photos.
    Full-screen vertical/horizontal record/playback on 2.4” LCD
    The 2.4-inch screen LCD screen will rotate its orientation automatically; however you hold the camera – horizontally, vertically, even upside down.
    Up to 4 hours HD video with 8GB of internal memory1
    Record and store up to four hours of high-definition, 3D or 2D, video footage (default setting) to the camera’s 8GB of built-in flash memory.1
    Slim design with sleek finish and simplified operation
    The slender body with its low-profile and simplified buttons give the Bloggie 3D camera a sleek look and feel and at only 4.2 oz it’s easy to take with you everywhere.
    Flip-out USB arm for upload/charge
    A built-in USB arm easily flips-out and lets you connect your camera directly to your compatible PC to upload video and/or charge your battery without having to hunt for cables.
    Tag videos to upload and share automatically later
    The Bloggie 3D camera comes with pre-installed software that makes it easy to tag videos and images in the camera while on the go and mark them for upload to your favorite internet sharing sites, like Facebook, YouTube, or Personal Space the next time the camera is connected to a computer.
    SteadyShot image stabilization
    SteadyShot image stabilization helps reduce blur caused by camera shake.
    Auto-Macro shooting and 4x digital zoom2
    With the Bloggie 3D camera you’ll be able to take pictures or video from as little as 4” away2, perfect for capturing a business card or a new friend’s phone number.
    Sony Exmor CMOS sensor for high-quality video/stills
    The Bloggie 3D camera’s Exmor CMOS sensor delivers high-quality video and pictures with less grain, even in challenging lighting conditions.
    Face Detection technology for video and stills2
    Face Detection technology recognizes faces and optimizes camera settings for both video and still images2, so faces are captured more clearly and skin tones look more natural.
    Built-in rechargeable battery
    The built-in battery contributes to the Bloggie 3D camera’s sleek and stylish design while powering the large 2.4” screen and camera functions.
    HDMI output with 3D support
    With HDMI output, you’ll be able to share your HD Bloggie 3D video with friends and family on your 3D HDTV (3D HDMI cable required/not included).
    Built-in LED Light
    The Bloggie 3D camera features an LED light that can assist in low-light situations giving you more flexibility when capturing your video. "
    If you have red and green glasses, check out below two videos show videos taken with the camera.

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    By Ben on Tue May 3 2011
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