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Prime Gaming Laptop With three Collapsible Screens

By Ben on Tue Dec 30 2008
Prime Gaming Laptop
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We have featured the Thinkpad W700, because it has two screens. If a laptop has three screens? See this concept, called the Prime Gaming Laptop. Designed by Kyle Cherry. It features has three collapsible screens that offer a wide viewing when you play a game or see a movie... When open, it has a 32:10 aspect for better in game visibility. It closes to the size of a 13" notebook and opens to a supper wide aspect 26" notebook. The main screen is a 10" concealed OLED screen with 16:10 aspect. Both the left and the right screens are Aux OLED screens with 8:10 aspect. Click 2 enlarge!

Slipperybrick Via Newlauches