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    Predator 2 Motorcycle Helmet

    Predator 2 Motorcycle Helmet
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    This Predator 2 Helmet($780+) is a Predator 2 motorcycle helmet features a sculpted outer shell, a dreadlocks mullet, and even a tri-laser scope. Optional add-ons include a carbon fiber outer shell, tiny metal spears on the ends of the dreadlocks, and even a hyper-realistic airbrushed finish. Awesome! Features:
    - Fiberglass, carbon fiber and polycarbonate
    - Removable visor
    - Weight: 3,9lb (1,8kg)
    - 2хAAA Batteries
    - Based on certified IXS helmet
    - Extras:
    3 red super bright LEDS
    laser controlled aimer
    smoke face shield
    improved graphics: scars, engraving and symbols
    top level airbrushing
    carbon dreadlocks spearheads
    carbon fiber shell

    Via gizmodo, geekalerts

    By Ben on Sun Apr 21 2013
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