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    Pantyhose For Men Wow
    Style  /  Design
    These Pantyhose for men designed by Italian designer Emilio Cavallini. Fashion or cool?
    "Cult or fad, the trend has gained some momentum of late, with Racked even conducting a poll as to the best name for the dubious new dressing habit.
    While it was WWD who coined the term ‘mantyhose’, brosiery’ is a clear leader in the survey, ahead of ‘guylons’, ‘he-tards’, and ‘beau-hose’ – a term surely reserved for the most confident men out there.
    Mr Cavallini said that his company’s ‘brosiery’ is tested on its male employees and that their research had led to a special, breathable fabric being designed to account for men’s higher perspiration levels.
    Well, you too can join the ranks of cooler than cool for $27.

    Via ohgizmo, geekologie / Price: $27   |   BUY By Ben on Thu Mar 8 2012
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