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    Osloh Pants From Cool Cyclists

    Osloh Pants From Cool Cyclists
    Gear  /  Bike
    The Osloh Pants from Brooklyn, NYC, their "Spoke" Denim Jean($130) is designed for fixed-gear riders. It has the two-strap cinching on the right leg keeps the oily dirt from the exposed chain away from your trouser leg and the tabs above the rear pocket fit a Kryptonite Evo Mini perfectly. The pant is treated with a water resistant and anti bacterial coating, to prevent odor. With a low front waistband and a higher back waistband. The crotch is padded and incorporates a chamois that provides comfort and durability in the saddle. Other features include a cellphone pocket on the side and a key pocket hidden within.
    * Double logo shank waistband closure
    * Shank button fly
    * Adjustable waistband snaps
    * Scoop front pockets with double coin pockets
    * Internal poly sueded chamois seat lining in signature purple color
    * Linier quilted seat reinforcement
    * Internal poly stretch pocketing, and pocket lining in signature purple color with logo seal print on wearers right front pocket
    * Internal hidden stash key pocket
    * Side cell pocket
    * Reinforced and lined back pockets
    * Signature ¡°Wheel¡± deco-stitch embroidery on back right and cell pocket
    * Linier quilted chain-side leg reinforce ment
    * Double snap leg adjustment straps on chain side leg
    Source /   |   Price: $130   |   BUY By Ben on Sun Aug 23 2009
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