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  • Origami-style house changes shape based on weather, seasons

    By Monica on Thu Dec 6 2012
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    UK designers David Ben Grünberg and Daniel Woolfson have devised a concept for a shape-shifting house that morphs to deal with changing times of day, seasons and weather conditions. The design was inspired by Henry Dudeney's mathematical formula, the Haberdasher's Puzzle, that divides an equilateral triangle into four parts that can then be reconfigured to form a square. Rooms would fold out on rails so that interior partitions become exterior walls during warmer seasons, plus the whole building would also be able to rotate to follow the direction of the sun across the day. ”We’re still deciding how it would work in reality,” said Woolfson. A model of the house is currently on display at an exhibition at London's Anise Gallery.

    Via dvice, dezeenscreen