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    By Ben on Tue Jul 31 2012
    Motorized Wheelchair
    Gear  |  Toy

    Lego robot builder Simon "Burf" Burfield has built this Lego motorized wheelchair. It can carry a 90kg person (198 pound). The 44 pound creation was created from six Lego Mindstorms NXTs, 12 Mindstorms motors, 12 Lego Mindstorms touch sensors, 12 Rotacaster mult-directional wheels and a "whole load of Lego Technic." The wheelchair is driven by a four-direction joystick.
    "There is a master NXT which controls the 6 NXT via turning on/off touch sensors. The joystick is connected to 4 touch sensors to determine direction (forward, backwards, turn left, turn right). "
    Via Dvice, burf