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    Man On Acid Thinks He's A Tiger, Wildlife Cameras Unexpectedly Snap Naked Man High On LSD

    Man On Acid Thinks He s A Tiger Wildlife Cameras Unexpectedly Snap Naked Man High On
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    21-year old Czechoslovakian man Marek H. took some LSD while in Poland to self-medicate for his depression, and boy did it work. He turned into a Siberian tiger and spent eight hours naked in the woods traveling over fifteen miles on all fours while following "the scent trail of his prey" that he'd picked up. Definitely hard to be depressed when you're a wild tiger.
    "Marek confessed to police that he had taken the hallucinatory drug LSD.
    He said it started to work immediately and that he felt he had become a Siberian tiger.
    Moreover, Marek told them that this was when his "true personality woke up".
    But his antics were captured by the hidden cameras - which had been expected to pick up a different kind of 'wildlife'.
    Police said that, because the man did not have any drugs with him, he was only fined and will not face any further charges

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    By Ben on Wed Dec 7 2016
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