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    Is your built-in iSight tired of the view? Turn your MacBook or MacBook Pro's camera around with the iSight mirror called Huckleberry. The Huckleberry($28) is a simple clip-on mirror assembly reflects the view of the camera so it points at what you are looking at. It is a consisting of two acrylic mirrors and two mounting brackets, and placed above the screen to reflect the built-in camera's field of view.
    The MacBook model reflects the image left to right, and the MacBook Pro model turns the image upside down. It include the iGlasses enhancement video software, which will allow you to flip the video image back to normal orientation. A smart design. Check out the video of see the introduce the Huckleberry. .

    / Source /   |   Price: $28   |   BUY By Ben on Thu Mar 13 2008
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