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  • Ergonomic Backpack Vacuum

    By Ben on Sun Jun 21 2009
    Ergonomic Backpack Vacuum
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    Carry your Vacuum Backpack on the back, and clean your house now. Cool?
    "Ergonomic backpack vacuum($170) moves with you so you don't have to drag a heavy upright vacuum around the house. Cleans any surface from carpet to tile to stone or hardwood floors. Powerful suction to tackle even the toughest jobs including broken glass, confetti, nuts and bolts, pet hair and more. Features adjustable, padded backpack straps for added comfort. Includes a HEPA filter to remove 99.9% of all dust, telescoping wand, easy reach attachments, 26 ft. power cord, reusable collection bag and six disposable bags. Also converts into a high-powered blower. Plastic and aluminum, 12 1/2 x 8 x 18". "
    Price: $170   |   BUY