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    CalypsoKey iPhone Case Unlocks Your Door
    Gear  /  Tech
    This iPhone Case is called the CalypsoKey, which is an iPhone case equipped with a 13.56 MHz RFID antenna and a 125 kHz RFID antenna inside. That means with your iPhone and you can use this case to lock a NFC door. No apps are needed for the NFC tech and the case needs no charging. Watch it in work after more.
    "Never lose your keys again. Leave them behind and unlock doors just with a tap of a CalypsoKey, hidden in your CalypsoCase. Featuring the missing identification potentials of your iPhone. We are introducing sensational new near field communication (NFC) possibilities for your iPhone with the CalypsoKey.Replace your keys. Open doors. "
    But If I lost my iPhone?

    Via geeky gadgets / By Ben on Thu Jan 31 2013
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