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    A la carte kitchen system

    A la carte kitchen system

    A la carte kitchen system
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    "A la carte kitchen system is ideal for office interior as well as for those who are frequently on the move.
    It provides various options, both in looks and in construction.
    By varying the modules you can adapt it to any situation with any type of connection.
    It is a kitchen which will delight even, or especially, before an imminent move. The robust outer shells can be set into transport containers in which the finer wooden parts can be packed and transported safely.
    The cuts for handling also serve as a hidden access for the electrical appliances.
    Such details and the bisection of the back cover eliminate the need for machining even for water supply. Besides the adjustable feet a set of castors can be adapted.
    Further accessory is a repository to be used in the gap between two modules. It carries a chopping board or can serve as a tiny dish rack. The kitchen garden fits in, too."

    via bemlegaus / By Ben on Wed Apr 28 2010
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