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    AW609 tiltrotor

    AW609 tiltrotor
    Gear  /  Military
    The AW609 tiltrotor aircraft from Agustawestland combines the benefits of a helicopter with the benefits of a fixed wing aircraft.  Unlike the V-22, the AW609 tiltrotor is aimed at private, commercial, and government markets.
    "The AugustaWestland AW609 is currently undergoing flight testing, with the goal of getting its FAA certification by 2016, allowing you to buy one. Unlike the V-22, the AW609 is designed with comfort in mind, featuring a pressurized cabin that can hold six VIPs in style. It can land anywhere a helicopter can land, but it also has a top speed of about 300 mph and a range of over 800 miles, making it much more versatile than a helicopter would be."

    Via dvice, gizmag / By Ben on Thu Feb 16 2012
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