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    15 Minutes Watch-face
    The '15 minute watch-face'temporary tattoo($4.5) is better than a hand-drawing watch face.
    "The Art as Art project has chosen to commemorate the endurance of this famously flippant statement on fleetingness with a special ¡°15 minute watch-face¡± temporary tattoo or transfer. Impress your friends with your intention to temporarily transgress the ¡®famous/not famous¡¯ divide, muse upon the fate of fallen stars and the trappings of success, or just reflect back to a time when in the future you were to be famous and think how excited you were with anticipation. Later, when it washes off or wears away, you will be a better person (in the future, as always). "
    Source /   |   Price: $4.5   |   BUY By Ben on Sun Sep 13 2009
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